Tooth Fillings

 Porcelain inlays and Tooth Colored Restorations (onlays) create fillings that are not only beautiful (or unnoticeable) but also add strength to weakened teeth. These restorations are esthetically pleasing and very strong thanks to new bonding technologies.

Silver fillings:

Silver fillings have been used for well over a century, dental amalgam is the most thoroughly researched and tested restorative material among all those in use.  It is durable, easy to use, highly resistant to wear and relatively inexpensive in comparison to other materials.  For those reasons, it remains a valued treatment option for dentists and their patients.


Tooth-Colored Fillings

Composite fillings are a mixture of acrylic resin and finely ground glasslike particles that produce a tooth-colored restoration.  Composite fillings provide good durability and resistance to fracture in small-to-mid size restorations that need to withstand moderate chewing pressure.  Less tooth structure is removed when the dentist prepares the tooth, and this may result in a smaller filling than that of an amalgam.  Composites can also be bonded or adhesively held in a cavity, often allowing the dentist to make a more conservative repair to the tooth.

The result is a beautiful smile!